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A La Carte      Drinks


A La Carte      Drinks

 New Years Eve

5 Course Menu

Free Prosecco on Arrival

& Sake to Finish!


5 Course Menu – £75

Vegetarian 5 Course Menu – £55

 Available from 6pm – December 31st

Seabass & Truffle Soup

Vegetarian – Miso & Truffle Soup

Mixed Starter Plate
Fresh scallop in Ginger & Garlic,

Tuna & Tobiko Maki,

Pericara Chicken,

Duck spring Rolls

Vegetarian – Mixed Starter Plate

Fresh Wakame Seaweed,

Shimeji Tempura Mushrooms,

Avocado Maki,

Lotus Root Crisps & Vegetable Spring Rolls

Black Cod
Black cod Served with a Miso Glaze

10oz Ribeye
Served with Garlic Butter

Rack of Lamb Cutlets
Served with Mint Teriyaki Sauce

Rolled Chicken Fillet
Stuffed with Asparagus & Garlic

* All of the dishes include stir fried vegetables, egg fried rice, sautéed potato and should be eaten once they are prepared


Vegetarian Options –

Sapporo Vegetarian Stir Fry                                                                                With a Meat Alternative, Packed with Seasonal Vegetables & Chunks of Tofu

Yasai Katsu Curry
Mixed Vegetables Coated in Panko Breadcrumbs with a Japanese Curry Sauce

Nasu Miso
Aubergine with a Miso Glaze & Topped with Sesame Seeds

* All served with steamed rice, stir fried vegetables and Sapporo potatoes. These dishes are made in the main kitchen


Japanese Chocolate Cake
A Very Light Chocolate Sponge, Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Traditional Sesame Ball
with Mango Sorbet

Famous White & Milk Chocolate Spring Rolls
Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream Selections
Your Choice of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Green Tea, Banoffee & Lemon Sorbet